"In the garden of my soul there is a beautiful Rose whose name is Mary"

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Token of Love Give A Way From Diane@Dissy B's

 Glow Mary in a Tart Tin & Guadalupe Kerchief 
Diane says;

"I think Mary has a sense of humor. I think SHE presents herself to children & the single woman with four kids living in a trailer park because she is the most REAL, HUMAN part of who WE are. No matter what we believe about HER, even the Bible says she was 14 years old, living a regular life, among the regular people and the Archangel Gabriel presented himself to HER in a garden when she was minding her own business, drawing water during her regular daily chores. 

I have done Four Tart Tin Mary's & plan to do more. Two sold, one I gave to our dear Woodwife Donna : > and this is the last one in the first series.  This glows in the dark & is embellished with tiny jewelry bits & gems. She's nestled in an old tart tin frame & can fit comfortably in your palm. I like that she glows because she can be seen in the middle of the night, when she may be needed most. My dear friend Laura, (FunkyLuke) sent me a few of the Guadalupe Kerchiefs & I'm passing one on in the give away. She made mine into a pillow, so get creative & see how you want to create with her! GOOD LUCK! "
Diane didn't say anything about herself so I will - she is a great friend and very knowledgeable about many things. Oh and funny too!! Very colorful artist and person. Links to her Etsy shops and blog are on the right side bar.

Anyone can enter even if you are on our Etsy Team. To enter, leave a comment on why  Our Lady of Guadalupe is special to you and if you have a personal story about her. 
This give a way ends on Wed. 8-3 at 7 PM Central time. Winner announced on Thursday (8-4) morning.


  1. Sorry; those pics aren't so great and I promise to clean up our Mary dear before sending her off to the lucky winner! xo Diane

  2. Dissy that is AWESOME!
    Mary of Guadelupe is by far the most COLORFUL Mary apparition and it makes me happy to look at art including her! Mexican folk art has SO many BEAUTIFUL Guadelupe images!

  3. Our Lady of Guadalupe is special to me because she is special to my dear friend Alex in Texas. Alex has severe fibromyalgia and can hardly walk; however, her belief in the Lord and our Lady is beautiful. One day she wrapped a statue of OL Guadalupe because she was moving in Texas. When she arrived at her new home, the wrapping was filled with rose petals. So I believe it too. I believe she allowed her to have her son after being unable to bear children for 14 years. So yes, she has a sense of humor and she loves children. Our Lady should be seen with a radiant smile and, perhaps, a little laugh on her face - like she knows a wonderful, secret. She is beautiful. My friend Alex is beautiful despite her disability. Her son is beautiful. Thank you and God bless, Anna

  4. Love these Tart Tins! Wow! would love to see them when you have more done? Are you selling them on Etsy? ~ hugs and namaste, CArol (artmusedog)

  5. LOL ~ Thanks to invite to your Etsy group ~ I will join that ~ thanks ^_^

  6. I was blessed to learn many amazing things about Our Lady of Guadalupe about a year ago. I couldn't believe that I had never heard anything about her story before and wish they would teach about her at church, especially around her feast day. I love Our Lady of Guadalupe and that God has painted for us a picture of His Mother as He knew Her.

  7. I am not entering to win because I already have one of these beautiful pieces. I am posting this to say that I am thankful to Our Lady of Guadalupe who is a very strong influence in my life and my art. Amazingly I first heard her story about 15 years ago on a kids show called Wishbone. A little dog dressed as Juan Diego told the whole story of the Virgin. I was in love.

  8. To The Woodwife: That's wonderful! :)

  9. I love that Guadalupe is always colorful. This is why I love your piece Diana. I also love the name Tart tin Mary's, that is the best. ;-D

    I think growing up in san diego county and always being really close to the Mexican culture makes my heart hers.
    I love the idea that she is the patroness to Mexico and the Americas, too.
    Besides she always has that fantastic aura/halo.

  10. Our Lady of Guadalupe was my protector during a flood in Corpus Christi. She has answered my prayers many times and I light her special candles when I need extra guidance. This is a such a beautiful piece of art Diana and what a wonderful group to be part of! Lyssanda

  11. I love what Dissy said about Our Lady of Guadalupe being the most real human part of who we are! I think this form of her shows that the most, and this is the Mary I can relate to the best! I also love the colors in her manifestations, she is by far the most beautiful of all!!!!Sorry I have no story unique to Our Lady except that Donna's paintings have helped me to reconnect with that version of her and my long lost Catholic upbringing!

  12. How creative and fun way to use a tart tin.... funky touch...
    Our Lady of Guadalupe church was the church in Dallas that I got baptized in.... I am awed by the story of this apparition to Juan Diego.... in fact... read somewhere that this was perhaps as I recall the oldest and first apparition 1500s??? Wow... Hope to visit mexico someday....